How future-proof are crafts? That is the central question of the publication A Future for Crafts.

If the dusty frock is set aside and crafts delve into current trends and challenges, then the chance of survival is rather high. Crafts are ideal for building bridges between the past and the future. The work place of the craftsman is the ideal nursery for innovation. In addition, crafts can offer answers to societal, economical and ecological challenges, that demand our attention today, and certainly tomorrow. Only an integrated approach – heritage, economy, education, design and tourism combining forces – can lead to a sustainable success.  

This website is dedicated to the inspirational guide A Future for Crafts. The publication seeks to be a guidebook and a source of inspiration. It presents tools and inspiring examples in praxis to place crafts more squarely on the map. Go to the download section to get your own digital copy of the book, or discover its content by browsing the website.


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